7 Exciting Things that make Vis unique and perfect destination


From crystal clear water to sandy beaches and magical sea caves, this island is probably like nothing you have ever seen.

Rich history, natural wonders and a variety of possible adventures on such a small piece of land are truly rare and unique.

So much so that at the beginning of 2019, UNESCO made the island of Vis its Global Geopark – title reserved only for the most beautiful parts of the world.

It’s no wonder that this Paradise has been beloved for CENTURIES, all the way from ancient Greeks to the today’s Hollywood movie directors – Mamma Mia 2 (Here We Go Again) was shot over here.



To give you a better taste of what Vis has to offer and WHY it is so beloved by families, I compiled a quick list of the 7 Exciting Things that make Vis unique and probably a perfect destination for your family come summer time.

Mind you, there are dozens of things more that are also interesting about Vis, but for the sake of brevity, I chose 7 of them.

Let’s dive right in…

#1: This is not your typical “touristy” island!

The life on Vis is easy, relaxed and slow.

You won’t find a lot of loud music, parties or all around noise here.

And best of all…

Vis is one of the rare places in Mediterranean that hasn’t been overrun with big groups of tourists as it the island was closed all the way until 1991 as a Yugoslav military base. So until then, no tourism at all.

Luckily, this isolation preserved the island, so you can now experience first-class natural wonders, delicious local cuisine and the relaxed atmosphere WITHOUT hordes of tourists.

That makes Vis a true balsam for your soul, especially if you are used to the 21st-century lifestyle of hard work and stress.

While the splendid nature makes it fun (and safe) for kids to explore all around the island.

#2: The astonishing Blue Cave

I dare to say that experiencing the Blue Cave of Vis will rank right up there with the most magnificent natural wonders you and your family will ever witnessed.

When you decide to visit the Blue Cave you first get into a small boat that carries you right to the narrow cave entrance.

Then right after you enter the cave your breath is taken away by how the whole cave glows with the mystical blue light.

Trust me - if that sounds unbelievable, wait until you and your kids see this in person.

Unforgettable memories guaranteed.

And there are so many other beaches to explore.

#3: Officially – the most beautiful beach in all Europe

Aside from all the history landmarks, the island of Vis is also a home to the beach that the famous travel website European Best Destinations readers voted as the best beach in all Europe.

It’s called Stiniva beach and it’s more than your regular tourist beach.

In order to reach it by foot, you must hike down into the heart of an old volcano, just to discover a hidden pebble beach at the bottom. Or you can come by boat. Or kayak which is even better.

That’s Stiniva and it is surrounded by tall cliffs that really give you the feeling of being in a hidden-from-the-outside-world paradise.

Whether you like to relax in the sun, let your children play in the shallow waters or maybe swim and admire the natural beauty - Stiniva will fulfil all of your heart’s desires.

#4: This might be the freshest seafood you have ever tasted

Well - on Vis you can take “the fresh” to another level.

There are unique and famous local restaurants on Vis.

And they will come and take you from wherever you are and bring you home.

Therefore, you can willingly drink a glass (or 3) of their local red wine and still get home safely : )

#5: Green Cave - A beauty for the eyes and a test for your courage

Besides the blue cave, the green cave is the second most famous on Vis.

It glows in a spectacular green colour, because of the hole on the top of the cave that lets the sunshine hit the water and then reflect all over the cave in beautiful green-ish colours.

Contrary to the Blue Cave, you can actually swim into this one and enjoy an unparalleled experience.

And - if you are courageous - you (or your kids) can even jump from the top. It is completely safe as the water is deep enough.

Plus it gives you the bragging rights on social media: )

#6: Secret Military Tunnels That Won’t Disappoint

Because Vis was a base of the Yugoslavia army, it has a rich military history.

The whole island is riddled with a bunch of secret military tunnels spreading all across it.

Luckily, you can go on a tour and discover this labyrinth full of remains of cannons, “parking spaces” for submarines and abandoned army warehouses.

And for the cherry on top, you can also stop at the military tunnel that a local wine expert turned into a fantastic winery.

There aren’t many places where you can enjoy a nice winery experience inside the military infrastructure.

#7: There’s another world… just beneath the water surface

Because of the important strategic role Vis played throughout the war history, there are countless historical “gold mines” hidden here - under the water.

Yes - you can snorkel and dive to see…

  • The remains of ancient Greek cities
  • Shipwrecks from various wars waging around Vis
  • And even bomber planes from the Second World War

It’s an unbelievable historical journey that lets you discover pieces of history buried under the water all around Vis.

With all that written, I want to answer probably the most pressing question people come to me with, after they hear about this best-kept secret of the Mediterranean…

What’s the best way for families, friends, couples and all of you to experience Vis?

Good question.

In my opinion the best way to soak in all the glory of this island is through...


Victorious VIScovery Holidays.

We will organise it all for you.

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