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With our company you can create a team meeting that included learning, engagement and lots of fun. We have developed many unique team building activities that can only be found on the island of Vis in Croatia. This special Mediterranean environment and attractions provide us with numerous possibilities.



We truly believe in the power of team building and all the companies and organizations of all sizes and in all industries can benefit from them. How many times have you heard of the sporting teams with not the number one players winning the games? And their reasons between the success and the failure on the court were a lot of times team buildings. Same with companies. Scheduling a short trip to the island of Vis would be just that: a big connection and a new energy.

If you compare, the culture of the company could be a lot like a soccer team. Employees need to enjoy being around each other and need to follow the certain goal. And they all need to feel like a part of a group.

At the end of spending a few days with us, you will for sure enjoy the improved communication among the team members, you will realize at what some people excel and how the others can help to excel with their abilities. And you will feel connected and have stronger relationships.


Team building ideas for your company might include

Adventure Trip

There’s no better place to experience the thrill of adventure than on the waters of the bays around Vis island. We will get you outside of the meeting rooms where you will have the chance to jump, climb, paddle, and swim your way to being the winning team. Do not worry about anything, we have roles for everyone during this amazing adventure based scavenger hunt.

Food and Wine Trip

This easy passed adventure combines the visits to the wine cellars and best restaurants all around the island with some digital photography with the phones. All the team members unite as they work towards a common goal. You will experience the sights, sounds and the charm of the island of Vis with all the hidden locations.

Personal Team Building

Only you and your company know what would be best for your company and we are here to help you organize the best team building experience on the remote island in Croatia.

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