About us and about me

Our story

In the beginning, looooooong time ago, Vis island in Croatia was our summer holiday place. At that time it was closed for tourism as it was a Yugoslav military island. But our family felt in love with the place and we kept coming back. You will understand why once you come over here.

I, Viktorija, was the initiator of the summer holidays resort on Vis. While I was a hotel manager in a bigger hotel in even bigger coastal resort, I knew I wanted to do something else. Something more private, with on-site experiences. My husband, Dario, and I founded the Activity Holiday Company and started putting to use all our experience with living on the island of Vis and all the work until then in the travel industry.

We are a family run business for the travellers who appreciate the security of going on a trip with a reliable expert and host. Somebody with a smile on her face.

We offer active holidays because we like to get away from the ordinary and because we believe in nature and water. We support the local community and we work with the locals all the time. We want to show people how you can do fun things while still being on a holiday. We also try to make travel simple. We also believe that euro spend locally will stay where you spend it. On a small island of Vis in Croatia, where time has stopped.

We want that your money should not act as a compensation to the communities but as payments for excellent services provided. With this, our guests have a much more intimate relationship with the island of Vis. Locals are better qualified than anyone about the island of Vis and this destination and they usually know it by heart.

We are small and we want you happy!

Economic responsibility

We try to use everything local: olive oil, local vegetables, fish caught by the locals and we try to use it whenever possible. We try to seat off the beaten track and provide a unique experience to you.

We want to utilize the tourism multiplier effect (one euro spent with us is another euro spent with somebody else on the island of Vis) in order to widen the economic benefit of our presence on the island!

When our clients decide to buy souvenirs we try to ask them to buy locally produced food (marmalades, wine, olive oils) or locally produced handicrafts.

Environmental responsibility

Firstly and mostly, we are small. Doing a week of Actively Relaxed All- Inclusive holidays with us will be just with a maximum of 12 people during the week. But most of the groups are smaller anyways. Large groups are not possible for a successful and high quality active holidays and this is why we liming our group size.

For the apartment rentals, we have apartment that can be rented on a daily or weekly basis, as you prefer.

The island of Vis has approximately 1800 inhabitants and if there were bigger groups the locals would feel that have been invaded! Because of the pristine wildernesses of the island of Vis, we cannot bring big numbers of tourists.

 We would like to have the same environment in 100 years’ time and we try to leave no trace where we go. We always include group transportation as this reduces emissions and it is more economical for our guests. We try to use our time and money to ensure that the impact of our holidays are positive and that the nature remains unspoiled by our presence.

100% Guaranteed Holidays

Once you have booked the holidays, then you are going. That’s a PROMISE!

We are there for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day: You will be going on a holiday and if you are going to need anything: we are going to be there to help. Always!


We are happy that more than 99 percent of our travellers are very happy with the service we offer them on the island of Vis. We listen to travellers and this is how we do it!

No single supplements

Travelling by yourself is actually not meant that you have to travel alone. We do not charge single supplements but at the same time will partner you up with a same-sex partner to be sure that you will not pay more as everyone else!


For what you get from this week of holidays is the value that you will remember! We have very competitive prices and because we keep it small our operating costs are low and with this your savings high!

Our customers says

Ulrika, August 2020:

After I was so busy searching the perfect active holidays around Europe, I finally found Victorious ViscoveryHolidays on the island of Vis! The owner Viktorija was so promptly in touch with me, read my zillion emails and answered them and while she gave me the itinerary that I loved, I have then decided to come! Well, I did not want to go on a pre-decided summer holiday but I wanted sports and since they offer lots of free time, here I was. Only after I reached the island of Vis (after Viktorija told me every single step on the way) I only found out how well planned the holiday had turned to be! Every day was taken care of and we got the experience of the locals and it was the real sea adventure on the kayaking around the island of Vis. Everything, really: everything was what I wanted it to be and I am coming back next year in fall to see how the island it like then! Thank you guys for making my trip the best one in my lifetime!

The family Brown, july 2020:

This holiday was FABULOUS and we will be back next year! The dinners were 5 star service with professional chef guiding you through each step of the menu! All in all: this is not to be misses and surpasses anything what we thought it could be!!! The island of Vis has a secret story to tell you and the guides will show you some parts that cannot be visited otherwise but with them. From the moment of the arrival to the moment of the departure, everything was grand!

Tina and Luka, September 2020:

We had seen the island of Vis through the eyes of an explorer: the team of Victorious Viscovery has arranged unique places to be seen and what was more, it was all cantered around food and wine! Imagine hiking through vineyards, or bike tour down the hill with a picnic luncheon on the secluded beach visited by noone but us, and then visiting a local producer of honey. We would recommend this week to all of you wanting to be actively relaxed and to those of you who want good food experiences!