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There is hardly a person whose bucket list would not include Croatia’s amazing crystalline coast and natural parks. And with so many beautiful sites, most of them listed as Unesco-protected heritage, we are going to show you the best of it. We are going to think about where you should go, how you can connect with local culture and where you can eat with locals.

In our trips, which we are going to make one by one, we might start the journey in Zagreb, then we will show you the green and beauty of Plitvice Lakes and then head to the Adriatic. Zadar, Šibenik and Split, and then all the way to Dubrovnik with some stops on the islands in between.

Let us invite you to one 7 night trip around Croatia and how it would look like:

We are going to invite you to see the amazing beaches and stunning natural beauty of national parks. On our invitation trip we are going to start your epic trip in Zagreb, but anywhere else would be great also.

Zagreb – 1 day

Being the capital it is not just like a typical European capital city, it is also the city with beautiful sights. Enjoying the Upper Town and the Lower Town, Jarun Lake and some famous museums, like the Museum of Broken Relationships.

Plitvice national park – 2 Day

This is a must stop on all the itineraries around Croatia with 16 clear water lakes, cascades and waterfalls. It is truly the best natural wonder in Croatia.

Zadar and Split (possibility also to visit Krka national park) – 3 Day

Zadaris a town with 34 churches and Sea Organ, which are the tubes that are installed under the steps that play music with the sea waves. Split is undoubtedly wonderful town with a Diocletian’s palace right in the centre. Hiking up the Marjan’s hill in Split is a kind of exercise that just everyone has to do. (If liking the national parks a few hours in Krka National park would be nice).

Kornati islands – 4 Day

Kornati islands have 89 island and a day boat trip shows you a few bays, islands and natural sights, archaeological sites and more. Stopping for a hike along the boat ride and a snorkelling experience, this is going to be one of your favourite days in Croatia.

Vis Island – 5 Day

Visiting the most beautiful beach in Europe, Stiniva beach and Blue cave are just a must. Enjoying the furthest away island in Adriatic with its food, energy and wine is just a must.

Hvar Island or Korčula island – 6 Day

When in Croatia, at least two islands need to be see. We are going to show you what you decide would be best for you.

Dubrovnik – 7 Day

Dubrovnik is full of historical sights, museums, restaurants and shops. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones TV series you can’t miss a visit of some iconic film scenes. A walk on the 16-th century walls is just a must.

Prices of the private tour around Croatia start from 980 € per person per week.

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