We all need more time spent together and more activity in our lifestyles in general. 60 minutes routine daily will bring you to a lifetime of good health. It not only means time well spent but it is also time away from work, daily tasks and away from the television and all the things that consume your free time. Of course, it is hard to resist the glow of the TV screens, but time for the physical activity really matters.

You know that having active lifestyle will help you on a long-term basis and the physical and mental health will improve with just a small daily active task, but many of us are not physically active at all. Routines just swallow us down during the normal working days. So taking the time to do some activity at least during the holidays will help you with so many things when going back to work and going back to the normal daily life.

Here are twelve practical answers of why it would be best to spend at least a week yearly having active holidays.

1.       You will see places from a new perspective – just imagine looking at the Green cave on RavnikIsland next ToRukavac not from the boat but with your own mask, snorkel and fins. Or climbing up the Hum Mountain and having breath-taking views for the sunset.


2.       Your will reinvigorate and remember, you do not need to be an experienced mountain biker to enjoy the world and experience its health benefits at the same time.


3.       You will not be panicking of what you will dress for dinner, as your meals will be usually with a relaxed atmosphere.


4.       You will plan your active holiday in advance and nothing will surprise you. You will have enough time for not having the reason to skip the activity.


5.       You will never work out on an empty stomach or starved, as on the holidays they will mostly cook for you. Remember, your body “craves” sugar mostly when it is hungry.


6.        You will be able to decide what activity suites you best and start doing it with a smile on your face.


7.       Most of the activities are done earlier in the day, so they will have the effect through the rest of the day. Your metabolism will thank you for the workout (even if just a walk around the village watching the sunset). (Let’s not forget, going for a sunrise yoga on the rocks looking over the open sea on the Vis Island will increase your metabolism for the rest of the day.)


8.       Doing some activities during the day will mean burning the calories also at rest, let say while reading the book under the pine trees and enjoying the glass of well-deserved wine in the afternoon.


9.       You will experience something new and the choice of activities is only limited to your imagination – new excitement and mystery will be on its way. Incredible experiences will motivate you to go and to something more. You will be amazed of how wonderful you will feel inspiring those of you around you. Recalling how you walked to your best sunset place and had an amazing massage afterwards.


10.   The Victorious VIScovery team will bring some excitement to your usual travel experience – what is more, you can always decide any length and level of adventure – it is totally up to you.


11.   You will challenge yourself – you can step out of your comfort zone and decide how far you can really go. Nothing compares to seeing the dolphins just next to your kayak in the bay of Budihovac on Vis Island.


12.   You will make memories. And those will be long lasting memories filled with pride and happiness and a little bit of feeling of achievement.

Why not make the reservation now and let us help you have the best relaxingly active holidays. Send me an email on viktorija@victoriousviscovery.com or call me on +385919058410.

Thank you so much for choosing to ask even more about the holidays