Why it is good to book your summer holidays around Christmas time

How to make sure that you carefully crafted budget for your summer holidays doesn’t fly out the window?

You may have the perfect plan for holiday season travel.

Yet, if you are going to wait too long, it’s going to be expensive.

Yes, the X-mas holidays are a really busy time and there are already so many things to do  –  from buying presents to holiday decorations and more. That means a lot of travellers won’t have the time to sit and browse for the best flight and other deals. But…

At least think about the things you would want to do and what is your budget in 2020. This is how you are going to really make the best of your summer!

It is now the time to find the best price for your flights and apart from finding them, you then still have some time to wait for a some good deals. I was checking a bit on the net and the first weeks of January, just after New Years, are the best to buy flights as it looks that in average the prices decrease by 18%. If you are going to wait too long, you will see prices jump up to 150% more about a month prior to the summer holiday.

It is also the date you actually travel that could save you money. In Europe, the prices rise in July and August and for the dates in May, June and September tend to be very reasonable. See if you can make it in some other dates in 2020. It is usually then that the hotels and apartments are cheaper as well.

Also, do not forget about the little things that can add up on a trip, like transfer from the airport to the port, or the extra food, or rental car, or the extra excursions, tolls, coffees and more.

Think about the travel insurance which can help you with trip cancellation, lost luggage or some medical treatments. You never know, they say. And better safe than sorry is a long time saying over here in Europe.

With us on the island of Vis you will have most of those things included, if you decide so. Or we can help you plan for your trip in details.



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