The island of Vis - Croatia


16 meals

7 and more excursions

Discover A Mysterious Island In Adriatic Sea That Offers Breath-Taking Natural Wonders And Exciting Adventures
For The Whole Family And Friends.

Dear reader,

From crystal clear water to sandy beaches and magical sea caves, this island of Vis is probably like nothing you have ever seen. Rich history, natural wonders and a variety of possible adventures on such small piece of land are truly rare and unique. So much so that at the beginning of 2019, UNESCO made Vis its Global Geopark – the title reserved only for the most beautiful parts of the world.

Teplus beach in Rukavac bay
Bay of Mala Travna on one of our excursions
Town on Vis on Vis island

But before you start reading

I know the island on the pictures above looks like paradise, however, the holiday opportunity presented in this letter is NOT for everyone.

To help you determine if you are the right fit for this adventure, I would suggest that you answer three simple questions below…

1. Do you have a family or friends and would like them to experience a memorable vacation you will talk about for years?

2. Would you like to spend your vacation going on active adventures that allow you to explore beautiful nature, historical landmarks and enjoy delicious food?

3. And most of all, would you like to do all of that WITHOUT crowds of tourists and WITHOUT having to plan everything yourself?

If, and only if, you answered ALL of the above three questions with a big YES…

This letter will be music to your soul : )

By the end of it, you might even be happily singing: “Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing”.

And yes there’s a very specific reason I chose a song from Abba. You will see a little bit later ; )

The amazing family or friends holiday opportunity I will present to you might just be what you’re looking for to make this summer unforgettable.

Ough – that reminds me…

Summer is already here so let’s not waste any more time.

Let me get started by first introducing you to…

VIS – the mystical paradise island in the Adriatic Sea!

So much so that at the beginning of 2019, UNESCO made Vis its Global Geopark – the title reserved only for the most beautiful parts of the world.

It’s no wonder that this Paradise has been beloved for CENTURIES by…

  • The ancient Greeks (who build their first Adriatic colony here – Issa)
  • The Romans(who enjoyed natural thermal baths on the island)
  • British Colonial Forces (who created the first ever cricket field outside of Great Britain)
  • Hollywood Movie Directors(its uniqueness served as the location for filming the popular Mamma Mia 2 movie)

Yes – Mamma Mia 2 was filmed on Vis and you can visit the locations of the scenes.


I know, I know…

This all might sound too good to be true.

And while everything said is real, I want to be completely honest with you and admit… 


If you are looking for a lot of live music, parties or all-around noise, Vis is not the right island for you.

In fact, if that’s what you are looking for, then island Hvar is a better fit for you.

The life on Vis is easy, relaxed and slow.

And no – you won’t find big groups of tourists here.

One of the reasons is that the island of Vis is the furthest of inhabited Croatian islands from the coast.

Also, Vis spent much of its recent history serving as a Yugoslav military base, cut off from foreign visitors from the 1950s right up until 1989. 

Unbelievable underground military tunnel “Parja” for hiding ships is just one of the interesting military landmarks on the island of Vis.

Luckily, this isolation preserved the island, so you can now experience first-class natural wonders, delicious local cuisine and the relaxed atmosphere WITHOUT hordes of tourists.

But that also means there are no luxury hotels on the island. Instead people stay in simple, cosy apartments to really get to feel the local vibes as much as possible.

Vis truly is a small piece of land known for its unique magnificent natural wonders that can’t be found anywhere else.

That makes Vis a true balsam for your soul, especially if you are used to the 21st-century lifestyle of hard work and stress.

And now you can experience Vis in a UNIQUE and EXCITING way!

As I said in the beginning…

This amazing family vacation opportunity is not for everyone.

Sure – you can visit Vis and stumble upon some beaches, swim in the sea and enjoy all the “well-known places”.

It’s what most families do year after year after year across the world.

Well – this is NOT what this experience is all about.

The magic is finding charming places only the locals know about, go on adventures most people cannot even imagine and of course…

Have the whole visit of Vis personalized to what you and your family love the most.

But before I tell you how you can have ALL that, I want to quickly introduce myself…

My name is Viktorija and I am the owner of Victorious Viscovery agency.

And as the name of the agency tells you can discover Vis with me : )

In fact, for the last 11 years, more than 450 people EVERY season have done it and they were more than happy with it.

I will show you exactly what they think about their experience with me on Vis in a couple moments : )

As you will soon see, this is not your standard guided tour and “touristic” sightseeing.

I strongly believe that simply is not the best way to experience Vis for you and your kids. 

How can I be so sure?

Well, because I have been on this island for the major part of my 45 years.

Yes, I basically grew up here, because I spent every summer of my life here on Vis.

*My father first visited this island the year I was born, fell in love with it and then I followed in his footsteps : )

That means I got to know all the secret spots, hidden beaches, “forbidden” sea caves, and all other attractions tourists usually never even hear about.

Ough – the other benefit is that most of my childhood friends here grew up to be owners of the best local restaurants, which can be quite good for me (and for your family).

Growing up here and then guiding tourists all over Vis year after year taught me an important lesson…

There’s only one REAL way to experience Vis in all of its glory!

And that’s called…

Active Holidays.

Instead of simply laying on beaches full of tourists all day (like most families every year), my team
of friendly mentors and I take your family on unforgettable adventures.

All of it, of course, tailored to your wishes, desires, and needs.

You may want to kayak to the famous Green Cave, snorkel and observe the remains of ancient Greek cities under water, or simply enjoy on the hidden-from-tourists sandy beaches.

And yes – all of the activities are child-friendly.

For example: If they are too tired from kayaking, we drive them in a boat. If they can’t cycle up the hill, we simply drive them or walk with them, so they can still enjoy the view : )

Couple all these adventures with delicious local cuisine, cosy apartments and one-of-a-kind weather and this just might be as close to the perfect holiday as possible.

I know…

On the surface, this again sounds a bit too perfect.

That’s why I prepared a list of *ALL* the things you can experience here on Vis when you decide to join me.

Just do me a favour, as you read down the list, ask yourself, “Where else can you experience so much?”

Let’s take a look…

  • Visit the astonishing Blue Cave – a special cave illuminated by the magical blue light that is actually sunlight reflected from the bottom of the sea.
  • Hike down into the heart of an old volcanoand discover a hidden pebble beach surrounded with tall cliffs.
  • Eat in the famous local restaurant where they hunt your seafood by harpoon especially for you (this will probably be the freshest seafood you have ever tasted).
  • Fairytale-like fisherman’s villageof Komiža that reminds you of Venice.
  • Thehidden cave where the Yugoslavian president Tito was hiding during World War II (and from where he made plans that later helped Yugoslavia to become independent).
  • The secret military tunnels used by the Yugoslavian army that are like a labyrinth under the island (and a special tunnel that a local wine expert turned into a breath-taking wine cellar).
  • Discover the hidden beaches that tourists don’t know about and let your family enjoy uninterrupted relaxation in paradise.
  • See the stars like you’ve never seen them before – Find out the best place of complete darkness that lets you see thousands of stars (and your kids can count how many falling stars they notice).
  • Take your family on the kayak trip to the nearby Green Caveand surrounding tiny islands and enjoy relaxing on sandy beaches.
  • Snorkel or even dive to the remains of ancient Greek cities, shipwrecks and even military bomber planes from the Second World War on the bottom of the sea.

An amazing Stiniva beach in the heart of an old volcano.

A breath-taking Green Cave you can kayak or swim to (or even jump from the top).

If that all looks and sounds fantastic…

Well, it’s because it is.

And I am not the only one who thinks that way…

The REAL reason why people are going crazy over their time on Vis with me is…

My special travel package called…

The Victorious VIScovery Experience

Or VVE to make it shorter : )

The magic of it is that not every VVE is the same.

Each family has its own specific wishes, desires and wants – I am sure you and your family do too.

So we do our best to tailor your experience around your main preferences.

You tell me the type of adventures you want, the types of food you like, any other special recommendations you have – and we try to incorporate as much of it as humanly possible into the program.

It’s like having a full buffet of food in front of you and you only eat what you really want.


My goal with VVE has only 3 parts…

1) I want you to be able to completely relax and not worry about planning.
2) I want you to have the time of your lives.
3) I want you to fall in love with this island.

How we are going to do all that?


Let me explain what’s included…


The Victorious Viscovery Experience consists of…

  • 7 nights (usually from Saturday to Saturday) of accommodation in a simple, cosy, air-conditioned apartment that is only 3 minutes away from the nearest (secret) beach.

    Yep – that means if you wake up at 7, you can be swimming at 07:04 : ) But no worries, you can sleep until 10. 🙂

Without tons of tourists, there are no luxury hotels. Instead, our people love staying in these simple, cosy apartments. However, because of all the activities, the apartments themselves are usually more for relaxation in between experiences.

  • 7 home-made delicious breakfasts, 6 lunches (or picnics, depending on adventures we go to) and 3 full dinners. All of these meals are prepared specially for you by our private chef that will take into consideration all of your preferences. It doesn’t matter if you are vegan, celiac or lactose intolerant, he will prepare a mouth-watering meal that you will enjoy.

    On the 3 nights when dinner is not included, I will personally recommend you the local restaurants known for the tastiest food (even the one that was featured in Mamma Mia 2 and the actors loved as well).

  • Detailed instructions for your arrival on the island. I will help you create the perfect itinerary to arrive at Vis with minimized cost and in the fastest, most comfortable way possible. The best thing is that you can be here in a couple of hours from anywhere in Europe (even Great Britain).
  • Transport all across the island while we do activities. My team will take care of your transport needs every minute of your stay here. That means we will take you to all the places included in the programme.
  • A wide selection of thrilling and exciting adventures. There’s so much to do and you and your family will tell us what you want. We love to kayak to nearby sea caves, hike on hills for breath-taking views, snorkel around the ancient city remains, do yoga (or stretching) under trees, and a bunch of other stuff.

Of course, all the activities are child-friendly so the whole family can have a great time : )

Our 24/7 support. My team of trainers and I will stand by your side during the whole vacation. That way you can have fun while being completely relaxing and care-free.

And yes, we take care of our Earth as well!

We love our planet!

That’s why the whole VVE is part of the RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL movement.

We recycle, use biologic water removals, re-use bottles and we buy local produce – from wine to olive oil to meat & fish.

Nature blessed us with one incredible natural wonder of Vis, so we feel obliged to take care of it as best as we can.

The best part is, this will not take away anything from your experience and you will help preserve Vis for the next generations to enjoy : )

Okay, Victoria – so how much will this cost me?

Well – if you look at everything you are getting (customized adventure experience, delicious cuisine, cosy apartments), one week of this paradise could’ve been worth at least 10.000 € for you.

And even though at that price it will still be a great deal – don’t worry! – you won’t pay that 10.000 €…

Not even half!

Here are the prices: 

For Children

  • Up To 5.99 Years

For Children

487 €
  • Up To 7.99 Years

For Children

889 €
  • Up To 12.99 Years

For Adults

1450 €

So, a family of four can enjoy the whole thing for a LESS than 3500 € : )

I know – it’s quite a deal.

But with this amazing experience and the good price comes one small problem…


Unfortunately, I have only a LIMITED amount of space and mentors available.

I mean – sure – some agencies would still book a couple of extra people and sacrifice the quality, but WE never do that.

Our goal is to find the families that really want this type of experience and then do everything to provide them with the best service, exciting adventures and delicious food – without compromise.

If you believe you and your family are the right fit for us…

​Here’s what you can do today…


Since I simply can’t know when you are reading this, I have no idea how many (if any) of the free spots for your family are still available.

That’s why I propose the following…

After you click it, you will be taken to a simple form on the next page, where you provide me with just some basic contact information (your name, email, phone and number of persons).

Then here’s what will happen…

In the span of 24 hours after you fill out the form, I will personally call you and we can talk about the available dates and if your family and Vis are a great match : )

If you believe you are, click the button below and let’s talk…

Have a great day and talk to you soon,

Viktorija ​Herodež Metton

P.S. Before we end up, I want to stress only one thing…

If you simply want to go to a cheaper, lazier vacation – no problem.

All I ask you in this case in that you PLEASE do not click the blue button on this page.

Leave the available free spots to the families that are really excited to join me on Vis and experience it in full glory.

But since you are still reading this, I believe you actually ARE the kind of family that would enjoy the VVE.

If I am not mistaken, then hurry up – click the blue button below and let’s talk…


Fill out this form and reserve a phone call with me. It's free. Your data is fully secured and protected and we only use it for the reservation purposes (if you decide to come spend wonderful week with us). You can always unsubscribe from receiving any of our promotional materials (which we don't really send as we have no time.)

If you prefer, you can call me as well. My phone number is +385919058410 or you can send me an email to viktorija@victoriousviscovery.com

If the Croatian borders get closed and therefore travel is not going to be possible, you will be able to change your dates of travel in the next 365 days or more if needed. 

Firstly, please fill out a reservation form that you find on the internet site with your email and telephone number or request for a free phone call at viktorija@victoriousviscovery.com . You can also call us at +38640354100 or +385919058410.

After the phone call, and if you would like to make a reservation, please prepare the names and surnames of the participants, dates of birth and exact information for the final reservation such as the dates of travel, the holder of the travel application and other details.

We will respond to your request within 24 hours at the latest and send the relevant documentation / contract and payment instructions to the contract holder.

When we agree on free capacities and confirm your reservation, we will then send you by e-mail an invoice for “Active holidays on the island of Vis” in pdf format.

You pay a 30% reservation fee. You can make a payment at a bank, post office or via electronic banking. No changes from payment on are possible, but in case of any change or cancellation /termination of the reservation is made, this is done as the general terms and conditions state.

After the payment, we will send you an e-mail with a “Confirmation of reservation and advance payment”.


The remaining 70% of the bill must be paid up to 14 days before the start of your holiday, for which we will remind you and send you an email. After full payment, you will receive a “Confirmation of full payment” and a reservation with all the information, schedules and detailed instructions.

In the event that the passenger or his group does not pay the remaining part of the package price, it is considered that he has canceled the package.

We offer each of our guests the possibility of insuring the risk of holiday cancellation and we provide this insurance in cooperation with the insurance company »Erste osiguranje«, where in case you are detained due to administrative or court proceedings or someone in the family (passengers on the trip) falls ill and cannot holiday, you will be refunded the full amount paid upon presentation of proof. The insurance premium is 10% of the total amount of the arrangement, and you pay it at the same time as the advance payment (unfortunately we cannot approve this later).

It is important that your clothing and footwear are comfortable and airy. The most important clothes are a swimsuit and a beach towel. You can use cycling shorts and a T-shirt for cycling, but you can also bring regular trousers, but they should not be too loose. In case of bad weather, it is recommended that you also have a wind-jacket with you. Participants usually wear comfortable sneakers that are suitable for any kind of activity. By wearing cycling gloves, we avoid dust and sweat. We advise you to bring tick and mosquito spray and sunscreen.

Of course. Our cook will be your best friend and as you know, we are only 12 persons in the group. So, your chef will suit everyones’ needs. In the last few years our chef has cooked foods without glutene, vegans, vegetarians, people who hated fish, kids who dislike any kind of vegetable, so we asure you will not be hungry.

Of course you are. We do activities as the tourists. The total sum of cycling ascents does not exceed 250 meters, which means almost level terrain and requires “office fitness”. Anything can be done with ease.  Remember that you will have enough time and that when you are in a beautiful environment and talking to children and fellow travelers, you will almost forget that you are active. We will paddle on the kayak for about 1 hour (you can do more if you want), we will enjoy, swim, explore and snorkel. Walks are usually one hour in several stages, maybe more. It all mostly depends on the group and the desire for activity of individual participants. We already had weeks where we split into two groups, when we did the easier part first and then half of the biggest enthusiasts continued with the activity.

We do not really get a lot of rain, but in the case of short-term showers, we mostly wait for the weather to improve. However, if the weather is bad, we prepare an alternative program. However, in the last fourteen years, it has never rained (if it has rained at all) for more than an hour. In no case, however, you will be bored.

The island of Vis is known for its cuisine and usually children want pizzas at least once during the holidays. Since there are two towns on the island, Vis and Komiža it has turned out that in the past our guests wanted to try other options for dinner. The film Mamma Mia 2 – Here We Go Again, which was shot on the island of Vis three summers ago, is also screened once a week in the open-air cinema, and then it is customary to go to into town for dinner first, and then to cinema.

The price of the package includes apartment and catering services listed in the travel program (breakfasts, lunches, 3 dinners, 5 activities, extra activities), as well as the organization of the trip and VAT. Unless otherwise specified in the program, the price is stated per person, for accommodation in three and four-bed rooms or accommodation units (bungalows, apartments, etc.), without guarantee of views, balconies, etc. and offer only a basic living standard. If there is a desire to accommodate three or more people in one room, passengers are reminded that there is a third and extra bed in the room and it is not always equivalent to a basic bed.

The island of Vis is most easily reached by ferry from the city of Split. During the season, there are three ferries and one speed boat connecting the city of Split with the city of Vis, the ferry ride takes 2 hours and 20 minutes and the speed boat a bit over an hour. You can see more about ferries and prices on the website of the transport organizer www.jadrolinija.hr

During these holidays, we sometimes organize sports activities, which are a bit more advanced fort children under the age of 6. Of course, we can always find a solution for younger kids. When kayaking, younger children just ride with their parents. When biking, we do have one child seat, which one of the parents can attach to the bike, when walking, parents can bring a children’s backpack,… in short, there is no limit for us. As the village of Rukavac is known for its idyllic beaches, families with small children spend these few hours actively on the beaches.

The main organiser is the company Costiera d.o.o., Luka 54, Rukavac, 21480 Vis. The company was founded in 2008 and since then has been engaged in renting apartments, organizing various active holidays and organizing extra excursions.

No and yes. If you would like to take any other exursions not included with this programme, this might be your extra cost. For the rest, no.

Thank you so much for choosing to ask even more about the holidays