All inclusive Croatia activity holidays by the sea

Come to the End of the World to Vis island and Experience Sun, Sea, Relax and Being Active at the same time. We will give you lots of sun, sport and relaxing time.

You will be one the move while biking around the island or kayaking in the hidden bays, or you might want to hike with us to explore the essence of the place.

Sun & Sport & Relax.

Vis island in Croatia and village of Rukavec

Split town on the mainland of Croatia is usually the port, from where you can grab either the ferry, fast boat or the private water taxi to the Vis island.

The Rukavac village is on the southern side of the Vis island, 9 kilometres from the town of Vis being the main island’s hub. Rukavac village is close to all the most beautiful natural sightseeing points like the Green cave, the island of Budihovac or the most famous Blue cave on the island of Biševo.

The guesthouse of the Croatia Activity Holidays is situated in the lower part of the village of Rukavac and is it surrounded by the 5 different beaches of maximum of 7 minutes walk from the house. The closest beach is just a minute stroll down the road.

It is a family owned house with 4 different apartment style rooms with a family feel and it has a wonderful terrace under the pine trees where you can relax with your family or the rest of the group. There are numerous food options to enjoy. Free Wi-Fi throughout this amazing place is going to help you send the photos to your loved ones back at home. You will be able to use all the equipment for activities free of charge.



Vis's exceptionally diverse landscape has great possibilities for biking holidays and all of us can find a route for ourselves. From the very easy treks to a very strenous bike ride, you will never feel bored.


Just anyone can do it. You just need to sit in the kayak, paddle a bit and then within minutes you are doing it. Vis's sea landscape has so much to offer: secret beaches and secret caves and you will feel it all!
hiking on vis island


Vis will give you an authentic day walk and you will be exploring the essence of the island and at the same time you will taste the flavours and the aromas of the fields you will be passing by.

Accomodation - Room type

We are based in Rukavac, the most southern side of the island and Vila Rosa is a building of itself with 4 separate apartment units and an outside dining room and a kitchen and an outside living room.

The house was built after the Second World War when the plots in Rukavac, on the southern side of the island of Vis, were given to Yugoslav citizens only to construct their summerhouses. We have bought the house in 2008 from the local after we gave up the stressful life up in the North and we are now happy to be surrounded by 5 beaches and the port of Rukavac. 

The closest beach is just a few steps from the house and the most famous beach on the whole island of Vis with the name Silver beach (Srebrena) is about seven minutes walking distance. Having some of the nicest islands that surround the Vis island the village of Rukavac makes it a special place to live and host people from all over the World.

We have 4 apartment type bedrooms that are nicely but simply decorated. Each place has its own air-condition unit and en-suite bathroom. We have built a shared space behind the house where there is a dining room and a living room and the kitchen where we prepare all the food. That’s where you will be able to enjoy the morning breakfast or the afternoon tea or a glass of great local wine at night.

The apartments are as seen on the photos:

Apartman Rukavac Palm tree


One bedroom apartment with double bed and living room – good for singles, couple or family with one or two kids – terrace with a street view.
Apartman Rukavac the fish


Studio apartment with a double bed – great for singles or a couple – terrace with a sea view.
Apartman Rukavac the sea


One bedroom apartment with double bed and living room – good for singles, couple or family with one or two kids – terrace with a sea view.
Apartman Rukavac Palm tree


Studio apartment with double bed and an extra possible sofa bed – great for singles, couple or family with one kid – terrace with a street view.

It not just where you want to go and spend your holidays but it is HOW!

We make travel meaningful by thinking small. The group of travellers is of 12 people max who are typically a mix of solo travelers, friends travelling together, families or couples, all of varying ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

You will sure make some new best friends this week with us. Your guide will be responsible for enriching your holidays and will offer la BIG local insight! We thing local and we want to offer you something more than just a hotel room.

We want to give you a bit of freedom, as YOUR trip is just that: yours! If you are going to want to stay and read the book all day? Consider it done. We just want to give your trip a guiding line and direction, but you decide what you want to do with it!

Enjoy some of the best relaxingly active holidays

We are experts in being active and relaxed at the same time and we offer a wide and varied range of active holidays suitable for anyone who enjoys longer activities or short times when exploring local places of interest.

We like to offer you individual pace of what you want to do and how much you want to be active and how much relaxed. But for sure, you will be discovering picturesque landscapes of this beautiful island of Vis and you will be staying in a friendly apartment house with a character. Also, the food will be of regional cuisine and will just be delicious.

Be active as much (or as little!) as you like

We have planned the actively-relaxing week carefully, making sure that everything that you will be doing is going to be interested and enjoyable, with quiet times whenever possible.

Also, no two days are going to be the same and you will always have plenty of time for yourself and you will be able to relax and sightsee as you wish.

You are going to be much free to choose the way you will be wanting to spend your days depending on how energetic you will feel! But at the same time, we have tried to think about every single possible detail (food, locations, activities) so you cannot be bored. And the food we prepare is good!!!!

How might your day look like

A typical day starts with a morning wake up call with some relaxing music and a cup of freshly cooked herb tea made from the herbs picked up around the island of Vis.

You will be invited for an half an hour exercise or yoga on the beach around Rukavac where you will feel of the wind breeze and the ocean spirit. Leisurely breakfast with a home made bread and marmalades and tons of home made delicatessen and perhaps a chat with the guide about the best activity for the day will be around 9:30 (or later if you decide so).

Morning activity may include sea kayaking from Rukavac to the Green Cave or anywhere around the island. Another possibility is a mountain bike around the island interiors among the vine grows or hikes to the mountain hut of St. Andrija and down to the town of Vis. The activities depend on the weather or your ideas of how you would want your holiday day spend.

Packed lunch or lunch at home will be served around 1 pm. In the free afternoon you will be able to enjoy the serenity of the beaches around Rukavac or do some more sporting activities on your own.

You might just sit in the house garden and read all the novels brought from home. Afternoon cake and tea will be served around 5 pm. Dinners will be either eaten home or we will take you to the best local restaurants for a cuisine dinner.

Stay with us on all-inclusive basis with a choose of actively relaxed activities.

What is included in the price​

You will be coming to the island of Vis and we would like to make your holidays worry free. We will include: 

  • Tranportation from the town of Vis (arrival destination on the island of Vis) to the village of Rukavac
  • Accomodation in a studio or one-bedroom apartment with all the linens, towels and bathroom supplies
  • Breakfasts and lunches on all days and dinners three times in a week (the other four times we will take you out to explore the island’s culinary treats in the local restaurants) 
  • Morning Yoga and Pilates stretching on the beaches of Rukavac
  • All morning/afternoon sporting activities (kayaking, biking, hiking) with all the equipment and guides and visits of the natural beauty of the island of Vis
  • All the island’s tranportation to and from activities
  • Afternoon cakes and tea and coffee
  • Deck chairs around the house
  • WI-FI connection 
  • Parking if needed

Exclusions from the price

  • International or domestic flights; you are on your own of how to arrive to the island of Vis. Many airlines from all the European biggest airports fly into Split airport, 25 km from Split town. There are daily ferries and fast boats connecting the port of Split and the island of Vis. 
  • Optional tours that can be bought on a supplement, for example: your own trips around the island of Vis: Blue Cave on the island of Bisevo or Military tour
  • Meals other that those mentioned as included. 
  • Visa, passport, travel insurance! 
  • Entrance fees to attractions not specified as included 

It is important to note that there is a maximum number of participants: 14 guests per group. Larger groups can be arranged upon request. Minimum age: We suggest that your child is 6 years old or more but we are happy to plan holidays with younger children as well. If you would like to receive a quote for more than 2 persons traveling, please contact us on


  • 100% Guaranteed Holidays: Once you have booked the holidays, then you are going. Even if it going to be just two persons booked for the wanted week, we will do the same (well, we are fully booked most of the time anyways, but again, we want to keep it small, 14 persons max!). We are not going to cancell your trip for any reason (if not maybe for some safety issues or some very very very strange weather). That’s a PROMISE! 
  • We are there for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day: You will be going on a holiday and if you are going to need anything: we are going to be there to help. Always! We never sleep!
  • Satisfaction: We are happy that more than 99 percent of our travellers are very happy with the service we offer them on the island of Vis. We listen to travellers and this is how we do it! 
  • Value: For what you get from this week of holidays is the value that you will remember! We have very competitive prices and because we keep it small our operating costs are low and with this your savings high! 
vis island

How to book

You should make your booking as soon as possible once you decide for the week of your stay. Booking early also helps you to buy the lowest fares for flights. 

We would be happy to hear from you by the telephone. You can call us on +385 91 905 84 10 via the normal phone or the Whatsapp app. 

Please, we would also be happy to receive you Booking Online. 

You can contact us on or fill in the form and wait for our mail. 

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