COVID-19 Refund Commitment

Book with a safe and secure return and Travel with Confidence

We are dedicated to creating incredible holidays for you, your friends and your family. We run everything with double care. As the World re-opens, you can continue to travel safe and we promise you will be in the safe hands with us.

What are we promising?

-          You will receive a full paid amount if WE have to cancel your trip for any reason up to 14 days before departure. Let’s say that Croatia closes the borders  due to the higher number of Covid-19 cases. We will then have to cancel your trip and you will get ALL your money back.

What are we promising when you are already with us on the island of Vis?

We are promising to be a very SAFE DESTINATION.

We will still constantly check to meet the safe criteria on a week by week basis.

We have now applied even more our regular cleaning protocols.

We travel in small groups and all members must self-declare that they are COVID-free before departure and take a temperature check on arrival.


When you cancel because you or a member of your party is diagnosed with Covid-19 or has received a request from the Government to self-isolate, we agree to waive our usual cancellation charges and provide a cash refund if you cancel between 1 to 21 days prior to departure for a COVID-19 reason.

You must contact your travel insurance provider in the first instance to ascertain if they offer cover for COVID-19 related reasons, and if your circumstances qualify for a claim to be made with them.

You must notify us of your need to cancel for a COVID-19 reason as early as possible (and at the latest 48 hours before your scheduled departure), and must provide us with appropriate written official evidence of the COVID-19 reason. Please note that evidence must be provided so if you have what you believe to be COVID-19 symptoms, you must arrange and take a test as soon as possible. In the event that there is insufficient time to take a test before your departure on holiday, please call us by telephone or contact us by e-mail as soon as you can so that we can discuss your options with you.

We have the right to refuse to allow you to cancel and receive a cash refund where we are not reasonably satisfied that you are cancelling for a COVID-19 reason. In such circumstances normal cancellation terms will apply.

Your COVID-19 reason must prevent you safely joining your scheduled departure and will take into account current applicable UK Government, your nationality’s government and/or destination government coronavirus guidance.

For the purposes of these terms a “COVID-19 reason” is either a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 within 21 days prior to departure or an order, via the NHS’s track & trace team, to self-isolate due to contact with a person who has, or may have, COVID-19.