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Croatia is a special country of dramatic landscapes and a fascinating history shaped by Roman, Venetian, Italian and Austro-Hungarian rule. It has the spectacular Dalmatian Coast where you will be able to se cobalt-blue seas with hundreds of island of which the most beautiful is Vis island. This island has enchanting landscapes and is perfect for leisurely discovery by kayaking, biking and hiking.

The island became the military-navy base of the Yugoslav army in the socialistic times, Vis was therefore closed to the outsiders because of its own strategic position. With the new times now and with Croatia entering European Union, the island of Vis has became one of the favorite destinations of the entire Croatia. Beautiful beaches and preserved traditional habits are some of the pros of this beauty in the middle of the Adriatic sea. Vis has always been an island of fishermen and winegrowers and the culinary part of your holidays just has to be amazing. And then just add all the sports that you are able to do over here and the small hidden beaches you have no other reason than to come over here for a week of actively relaxing holidays!

4 different apartments for you to choose from

Apartman Rukavac the sea

Apartment The Sea


Apartman Rukavac the wave

Apartment The Wave


Apartman Rukavac the fish

Apartment The Fish


Apartma Rukavac Palm tree

Apartment The Palm Tree