The interview – our first guest doing the Actively Relaxed Holidays in June 2008

Thank you Janet for staying with us a few years ago. Doing the new blog page and showing the World the activities that we do, we would like to ask you almost ten years later of what do you think of Actively Relaxed Holidays on the island of Vis and why would you want to come again.

Stand up paddling on island vis

Viktorija, The Actively Relaxed Holidays: So, why did you decide to come and do holidays like this in the first place?

Janet: I had a very limited-time holidays and I wanted to relax but still do something active. You guys had squeezed into my holiday time some slowly paced but amazing adventures and I have been exploring Vis island day by day with kayaking, biking, hiking and enjoying the books you had in your library under the pine trees. You have provided the equipment and all the guides, and all I really needed was a smile on my face.

Viktorija, The Actively Relaxed Holidays: Did you like the accommodation?

Janet: I have booked the apartment with en suite bathroom and I have really just slept there. The terrace did wonders one night when I just wanted to stay home and do nothing. Also, Vis is just a magical place.

Viktorija, The Actively Relaxed Holidays: Did you like the time given to explore on your own?

Janet: While the numbers of possible morning activities will surely keep you busy, yes, we had plenty of time to do our own things, too. Sitting in the net in the gardens around the property, exploring the beaches around Rukavac (5 of them of maximum 7 minutes’ walk from the house), cooking lessons with our chef and gave us a lot of time to refresh our energies!

Viktorija, The Actively Relaxed Holidays: How about the activity sessions?

Janet: Our local guide Toni knew every pebble and the bay of the routes and he was adjusting the trips in response to our demands. We had lots of laughs together. Each of the activities offered and included in the week of fun is really accessible to regular people of all abilities. I was a bit fitter than the rest of the group, so I was offered to do some extra activities, like, I remember so vividly, jumping from the cliffs above the Green cave on the island of Ravnik after kayaking there in the morning.

Viktorija, The Actively Relaxed Holidays: Do you want to come again?

Janest: Well, yes, I have booked my week in September this year, so here I go. I will be doing it again.

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